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Arvada, CO 80005


Hunter Development Group specializes in due diligence, permit expediting, tenant coordination, utility research and coordination, and development consulting for private and corporate sector clients all across the US and Canada.  From our offices in Dallas and Denver we have served national clients—including Chipotle, Noodles, Chili’s, Red Robin, Redbox and many more—helping them with every aspect related to concept roll-out and site development, from site identification to concept opening. 

With more than 30 years experience in commercial development, we recognize the importance of rent start dates, site delivery conditions, and sales weeks. We work to minimize risk, meet scheduling goals, and get you open for business. We get you on site, on time, with no surprises.



Imagine your business is nearing completion, your equipment is ready to fire up, your Operations staff is standing ready to go, and the electric company reports the building service isn’t large enough to handle the upgrade needed for your use. What if your plumber discovers the existing sewer lines aren’t deep enough to allow your sewer and grease mains to drain, and you are already under construction? What about the phone call telling you that the dishes at the restaurant you opened a month ago are not getting clean because the water pressure wasn’t delivered as it was designed to be, and sales are dropping (who wants to eat on dirty dishes)?

Given the extended time frames for utility providers to design and execute new services, HDGroup will drive the process early in your design phase to plan the schedule, assuring a project is not waiting for utility activation.  Existing locations may require an upgrades that will take as much time as new construction, and you need to know this early in the project for budgeting and scheduling.  A complete survey of existing utilities can offer insight into work outside the scope of your premise which is required to accomplish your opening. This allows you the opportunity to negotiate these solutions up front, rather than from a position of vulnerability after the lease is executed and your contractor is awaiting a decision.

HDGroup works with property owners, utility companies and local subcontractors across the continent on new and existing sites, to research conditions and develop solutions to assure your utility services are provided accurately, on time, with no surprises.